T-2 Nuclear Physics

T-2 Fundamental Symmetries and Neutrinos
utlra cold neutrons, Majorana, supernovae neutrinos, ...

Probing New Interactions with Neutron Beta Decay

GOAL: discover/constrain new BSM interactions originating at the TeV scale through snergy of:

1. Innovative precision measurements (10^-3 level) of neutron decay (n-->peV) at the LANL UCN source


2. Multi-scale theoretical analysis of BSM contributions to n decay: elucidate discovery potential and model discriminating power


The big picture: energy vs predicion frontier
Both direct (energy) and indirect (precision) probes will be needed to fully recnstruct the dynamics at the TeV scale


Theory Program

TeV scale: tevAnalyze generation of new interactions (supersymmetry, extra dimensions, ...)
(Cirigliano, Graesser)

GeV scale: imageCalculate matrix elements (Lattice QCD, Chiral perturbation theory)
(Bhattacharya, Cirigliano, Gupta + PD)

Elucidate implications of neutron measurements for SM extensions, in the context of other precision measurements and collider searches (LHC)

Topical Collaboration to study "Neutrinos and Nucleosyntesis in Hot and Dense Matter" (Sanjay Reddy)
DOE funded Mutli-campus collaboration to understand supernova and neutron star phenomena with a specific focus on nuclear and neutrinto theory.





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