Qtool: Calculation of Reaction
Q-values and Thresholds

Qtool, implemented on this WWW page, prepares a table of Q-values and reaction thresholds for channels open up to energy EMAX. The calculation is based on the Audi 2011 experimental masses when available, otherwise on the FRDM (1992) mass model.

Any projectile and target is allowed, for example n, p, d, t, 3He, α, 12C or 48Ca. Please use format 1000*Z+A when specifying projectile and target.

Only the light emitted particles n, p, d, t, 3He, and α are considered, and the current version is limited to 6 particles out, in addition to the residual nucleus. Thus, for high EMAX (above about 50 MeV), some open channels may not be included in the table.

Projectile: (1000*Z+A, e.g., 1, 1001, 2004)

Target: (1000*Z+A, e.g., 2003, 26056)


To help understand the reaction Q-values and thresholds better, lookup any experimental or theoretical mass here.

ryxm@lanl.gov, moller@lanl.gov
4 March 1997, updated April 2011.