Qtool Information

This is the second version of qtool (4 March 1997). It is implemented using an HTML form and a cgi-bin program.

The program takes the projectile and target specified by the user and calculates all possible reactions for up to 6 emitted light particles (n, p, d, t, 3He, or α only). The Q-values and reaction threshold are computed for each possible reaction channel based on internal nuclear mass tables. Experimental masses are used when possible, and they are supplemented with calculated masses when necessary. These results are sorted into order by the reaction threshold, and any channels with thresholds over the user's EMAX limit are omitted.

The current limits can lead to missing channels for EMAX values above about 50 MeV.

Some improvements that we hope to make in the near future include

  • Incident γ's
  • More than six particles out
  • Allow symbolic names in the input fields
  • A new "reaction finder" program that prints out all the reactions that lead from a particular projectile/target combination to a particular product, with Q-values and thresholds given.
Suggestions for extensions and improvements are welcome.

ryxm@lanl.gov, moller@lanl.gov
4 March 1997