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Nuclear Ground-State Masses and Deformations, by P. Möller, J. R. Nix, W. D. Myers, and W. J. Swiatecki, Atomic Data Nucl. Data Tables 59, 185-381 (1995),
Nuclear Properties for Astrophysical Applications, by P. Möller, J. R. Nix, and K.-L. Kratz, Atomic Data Nucl. Data Tables 66 (1997) 131-345.

The most recent experimental mass evaluation is
Wapstra, Audi, and Thibault (A. H. Wapstra, G. Audi, and C. Thibault, Nucl. Phys. A729 (2003), 129). Another repository of this evaluation and related data can be found here . We use here recent data from the interrim evaulation:
G. Audi and W. Meng, Private Communication, April 2011

An exhaustive list of nuclear-mass data bases and other mass-related resources is found here .

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