T-2 Nuclear Information Service

Data Area

This area provides access to a variety of nuclear data, including ENDF/B cross sections, radioactive decay data, astrophysics data, photoatomic data, charged particle data, thermal neutron data, and a Nuclear Data Viewer. The data are useful for both nuclear science and nuclear engineering.

Nuclear Data Viewer

This is an interactive nuclear data viewer that you can use to construct a variety of plots containing experimental data and theoretical curves. It has acces to a wide variety of evaluated and processed data, and the plots can be customized to meet the user's desires.

US ENDF/B Libraries

The US standard evaluated nuclear data libraries are denoted by ENDF/B. A number of versions have been issued over the years, the current one being ENDF/B-VII.1. This area also gives access to earlier versions. Plots are available. In addition to neutron data, charged-particle data, photo-nuclear data, thermal data, and atomic data can be found.

European JEFF Libraries

The EU standard libraries will be found in this area. We currently have JEFF-3.1, JEFF-3.0, and EAF2010 loaded. Users can obtain downloadable files, view interpreted versions of the evaluations, and look at plots of the processed data.

Japanese JENDL Libraries

The Japanese standard libraries JENDL will be found in this area. JENDL-4 is featured, but JENDL-3.3 and JENDL-3.2 are also available. Downloadable files, interpreted files, and plots are provided. As a special feature, color PDF plots of the JENDL-4 covariances are also provided.

Chinese CENDL Libraries

The Chinese standard libraries CENDL will be found in this area. Currently, we are providing CENDL-2. Downloadable files, interpreted files, and plots are available.

Russian Nuclear Data Libraries

This area includes the Russian BROND-2.2 cross section library and the ADL-3T activation library. Downloadable and interpreted versions are available for each material. These materials are also available through the Nuclear Data Viewer.

Reaction Q-Values and Thresholds

This tool computes reaction Q-values and thresholds using experimental and theoretical nuclear masses.

Nuclear Astrophysics Data

Nuclear astrophysics calculations of nucleosynthesis in stars or the Big Bang, stellar evolution, and super-nova dynamics require good nuclear cross section information and nuclear properties, such as masses and lifetimes, for a very large number of nuclides. This area is intended to give the nuclear astrophysics community easy access to such data from Los Alamos.


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