T-2, Nuclear and Particle Physics, Astrophysics and Cosmology

N-jettiness at subleading power for Z+1jet

Andrea Isgro
Northwestern U

The N-jettiness subtraction scheme is a powerful tool that allows us to compute the NNLO cross section for processes with N jets in the final state. The basic idea is to introduce the N-jettiness observable Tau as a slicing parameter in order to regularize infrared divergences: for small values of Tau we expand to fixed order the factorized SCET result, for large values of Tau we simply compute the NLO cross section of the equivalent process with N+1 jets in the final state. Ideally, one would set the cut on Tau that separates these two contributions to a very small value, but this makes the numerical evaluation heavy and sometimes impossible. On the other hand, increasing the value of the cut also increases the size of logarithmic power corrections that are not included in the SCET factorized result. Therefore, there has been recent interest in computing analytically such subleading terms. In this talk, I discuss the structure of the fully differential NLO Leading Log power corrections to the Z+1jet cross section and explore some phenomenological implications.


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