T-2, Nuclear and Particle Physics, Astrophysics and Cosmology

Probing Supersymmetric Baryogenesis: from EDMs to Neutrino

Stefano Profumo

We study the MSSM parameter space consistent with electro-weak baryogenesis in the light of present and future searches for the permanent electric dipole moment (EDM) of the electron, neutralino dark matter, and for supersymmetric particles at high energy colliders. We highlight that under certain conditions the lightest neutralino may be simultaneously responsible for both the baryon asymmetry and the dark matter density. Current constraints on the flux of energetic neutrinos from the Sun already put significant bounds on the available parameter space. The scenario we consider is predicted to give testable signals at electron EDM searches, future neutrino telescopes and other indirect dark matter detection searches, ton-sized direct detection experiments as well as, possibly, at the Large Hadron Collider and International Linear Collider, making it a testable framework for the origin of the matter-antimatter asymmetry in the Universe.


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