T-2, Nuclear and Particle Physics, Astrophysics and Cosmology

Towards a better understanding of dense matter from recent neutron-star observations

Jerome Margueron
Institut de Physique Nucleaire aire de Lyon

It is only very recently that neutron star (NS) observations have started to provide tight constraints on the dense matter equation of state (EoS): pressure, energy density, phase transition and composition, etc. I will present a few of them, such as the thermal emission from the surface of NS and the tidal deformability from binary NS merger GW170817. I will also present a semi-agnostic approach for the EoS employed for such analyses. The knowledge on the EoS can be analyzed in terms of the nuclear empirical parameters, a few of which are known from nuclear experiments. I will show how the confrontation with astrophysical observations could provide additional information on these parameters, such as the curvature of the symmetry energy Ksym. A discussion of the origin of some correlations among these empirical parameters, as well as of the role of the unknown parameters on these correlations will also be presented. I will conclude with preliminary results confronting some nuclear and astrophysical constraints which could potentially shed light on the presence of phase transitions in the core of NS.


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