T-2, Nuclear and Particle Physics, Astrophysics and Cosmology

Monte Carlo calculations of spectroscopic overlaps in light nuclei

Ivan Brida

Ab-initio structure modles of light nuclei have made strides toward providing reliable input for nuclear reactions. This input is crucial especially for low-energy reactions, where detailed knowledge about nuclear structure is important. I will discuss an ongoing effort to compute one-nucleon spectroscopic amplitudes for light s- and p-shell nuclei within Greens function Monte Carlo. Fully microscopic wave functions based on realistic two- and three-body interactions are employed to compute overlaps between A- and (A-1)-body nuclei to extract information about the motion of individual nucleons. The overlap amplitudes are then used to obtain Dspectroscopic factors and possibly asymptotic normalization coefficients, and they can serve as an input for low-energy reactions calculations. In addition, I will present preliminary variational calculations of two-nucleon overlap amplitudes and possible extensions to cluster overlaps.


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