T-2, Nuclear and Particle Physics, Astrophysics and Cosmology

Addressing the LHCb anomalies with a non-universal Z'

Javier Fuentes Martin
University of Valencia

The LHCb collaboration recently reported several anomalies in B meson decays which, taken at face value, imply a large deviation of lepton-flavor universality. After a brief discussion on the anomalies, I will present a possible solution based on a non-universal U(1)' extension of the Standard Model (SM) gauge symmetry. This model is characterized by the presence of flavor violating Z' couplings in the down-quark sector controlled by off-diagonal CKM matrix elements. Anomaly cancellation conditions fix the extension of the symmetry to the lepton sector in a precise way, introducing flavor-conserving non-universal interactions. The new gauge sector is very predictive and presents an interesting phenomenology, with several smoking-gun signatures that will be tested in the near future.


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