T-2, Nuclear and Particle Physics, Astrophysics and Cosmology

Neutrino oscillations and nucleosynthesis of elements

Meng-Ru Wu

Neutrino interaction with matter plays important roles in determining the nucleosynthesis outcome in explosive astrophysical environments such as core-collapse supernovae or the merger of compact objects. Under such circumstances with large neutrino fluxes, non-linear coupling of neutrinos typically gives rise to a complicated flavor oscillation phenomenon that needs large computational effort to model. Previous works have suggested that neutrino oscillations among active flavors and/or between the active and possible sterile neutrinos in these environments may have substantial impacts on different nucleosynthesis processes such as the vp-process and the (weak)-r process. I will discuss our recent findings on the need of a detailed modelling for collective neutrino oscillations, the potential importance of coupling flavor oscillations to the matter composition and/or hydrodynamics, and future perspectives.


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