T-2, Nuclear and Particle Physics, Astrophysics and Cosmology

Understanding nonperturbative corrections to the groomed jet mass and its applications

Aditya Pathak

Precision measurements have started to become the key players in the search of new physics. While a successful program at LEP, the complex environment of the LHC with pile up and underlying event precludes measurement of simple QCD event shapes, and calls for observables robust against such contamination. Soft Drop grooming allows us selectively throw soft particles from a jet in a controlled way that enables a description in perturbation theory, and has started to gain wide attention in the collider physics community. However, a deeper understanding of nonperturbative corrections to groomed event shapes has been lacking so far, thus limiting our precision. In this talk I will describe a QFT based approach to understand the leading hadronization corrections to the groomed jet mass spectrum in the region dominated by resummation. As applications of this study, I will demonstrate how this work allows one to characterize the hadronization models of Monte Carlo event generators in an unprecedented way, and opens up the possibility of precision top mass measurement at the LHC in a definite mass scheme.


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