T-2, Nuclear and Particle Physics, Astrophysics and Cosmology

(n,xn) reactions in a high energy neutron flux environment

Chitra Bhatia

With the avaiability of high energy neutrons in the environment of nuclar energy systems such as the Accelerator Driven subcritical System (A.D.S.), the probability of occurence of many nonelastic reaction channels like (n,xn), (n,xngp), (p,xn), (p,xna) is enhanced. These new reaction channels raise the requirement of fundamental nuclear data in extended high energy regions for a variety of materials which are useful for development of A.D.S. The (n,xn) and (p,xn) type of reactions which do not have any signiificant role in conventional thermal and fast reactors except for x=1 (n,n") or at the most x=2, i.e., (n,2n) reaction, have now become important. That is because these reactions enhance the neutron multiplication in the case of spallation targets like (Pb/Bi). There is a need to evaluate high order (n,xn) reactions contributions and to review their importance w.r.t. other inelastic reaction channels, especially in candidate target, fuel, and structure materials in A.D.S.


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