T-2, Nuclear and Particle Physics, Astrophysics and Cosmology

3D SUSY QCD: moduli space and the superpotentials from monopole and multi-monopole contributions

Yuri Shirman
UC Irvine

In this talk I will discuss non-perturbative dynamics of 3D SUSY QCD with F < N flavors in the fundamental representations. I will present an explicit derivation of a well know quantum constraint Y M=1 by calculating by calculating squark-antisquark correlation function on the Coulomb branch of one flavor SU(2) theory. I will then argue that similar constraints exist in theories with an arbitrary number of flavors, F < N. However when F < N-1 such constraints are local in the moduli space. I will present a detailed derivation of the constraints in SU(3) theory with F=1 flavor. The new constraints smooth out coordinate singularities on the classical moduli space and should be interpreted as transition functions between coordinate patches covering the quantum moduli space. The 3D pre-ADS superpotential generated by single monopole contributions is valid everywhere on the moduli space when complemented by new constraints. Some terms in the resulting superpotential can be interpreted as contributions of multi-monopole configurations. I will conclude the talk by explicitly calculating such multi-monopole contribution in one flavor SU(3) theory working on a mixed Higgs-Coulomb branch of the moduli space.


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