T-2, Nuclear and Particle Physics, Astrophysics and Cosmology

New Aspects in Nuclear Mean-Field Calculations

Joachim Maruhn
Univ. Frankfurt

Computational advances have made it possible to investigate many aspects of stationary and time-dependent Skyrme-force Hartree-Fock that were inaccessible before. In this talk results will be presented on the following aspects:
1) The presence of α-clusters in light n-α nuclei. It is shown to what extent these are present even in the mean field and what causes their disappearance for heavier systems.
2) A transformation of the single-particle Hamiltonian in TDHF to a comoving system sheds some light on the relationship to the adiabatic two-center type basic states and even demonstrates the Landau-Zener effect.
3) An investigation of rotational motion in TDHF shows a surprising numerical accuracy but also the introduction of unphysical effects via the boundary condition.