T-2, Nuclear and Particle Physics, Astrophysics and Cosmology

Neutrino Mean Free Path in neutron matter from QMC equation of state

Luca Riz
University of Trento

Nuclear matter in supernova explosions and in catastrophic events involving neutron stars might be subject to the influence of strong magnetic fields, and affects the properties of neutrinos emitted during the process. In this study we developed a mean field treatment of the response of neutron matter with arbitrary spin polarization, using it to estimate the mean free path of neutrinos as a function of the energy. The employed density functional has been computed from a Quantum Monte Carlo evaluation of the equation of state of spin-neutral and spin-polarized neutron matter within two different neutron-neutron interaction schemes: one phenomenological (with the AV8'+UIX potential), and one based on chiral EFT potentials. We discuss the analogies and difference of the results, including the uncertainties due to the systematic error in the chiral expansion of the potential.


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