T-2, Nuclear and Particle Physics, Astrophysics and Cosmology

A new approach to nucleon final-state interactions in quuasi-elastic scattering

Lon-Chang Liu
LANL Guest Scientist

In inclusive quuasi elastic scattering the final-state interaction (FSI) between the knoocked out nucleon and the residual nucleus has been custimarily calculated with the use of a nucleon-nucleus potential, either nonrelativistic or relativistic. When the FSI potential used is not the same as the potential that binds the nucleon in the target nucleus prior to its ejection, the calculation necessarily overestimates the cross sections. To avoid this difficulty and find a simpler alternative to various methods proposed in the literature, I used the unitarity equation satisfied by the scattering wave functions and developed a new approach which avoids the explicit use of any FSI potential. The only needed input is the experimentally measured nuclear form factors. I will show the application of this approach to inclusive electron-nucleus and inclusive proton-nucleus quasielastic scattering. I will also discuss the relevance of the approach to other physics.


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