T-2, Nuclear and Particle Physics, Astrophysics and Cosmology

Psi(2S), Upsilon(3S) Production in p-p and A-A, and Suppression in p-Pb and Pb-Pb, Collisions, and Mixed Hybrid Theory

Leonard Kisslinger
Carnegie Mellon

Using the method of QCD Sum Rules it has been shown that the Psi(2S) and Upsilon(3S) are mixed heavy quark hybrids, about half standard |q-qbar> and half |q-qbar-g > states, with g an active rather than a virtual gluon. The J/Psi(1S), Upsilon(1S) are standard heavy quark mesons. With this theory it is shown that the production of Psi(2S), Upsilon(3S) in p-p and A-A collisions is quite different from the standard model, in agreement with experiment. The nuclear modification and suppression of Psi(2S)/J/Psi(1S) in p-Pb collisions and Upsilon(3S)/Upsilon(1S) in Pb-Pb collisions is also in agreement with experiment using the mixed heavy hybrid theory.


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