T-2, Nuclear and Particle Physics, Astrophysics and Cosmology

Fiducial power corrections for transverse momentum resummation in Drell-Yan production

Markus Ebert

Transverse momentum (qT) distributions of electroweak gauge bosons are key observables at the LHC. For example, the Z-boson qT spectrum is one of the best measured quantities, while the W-boson qT spectrum is key to measuring the W-mass at the LHC. The bulk of the cross section for these processes is contained at small transverse momenta, where the resummation of large logarithms is necessary in order to obtain reliable theory predictions. In this talk, I will discuss the effect of so-called power corrections that are not included in the resummation. I will show how next-to-leading power corrections can be calculated systematically, and how applying fiducial cuts can yield enhanced power corrections. I will also present first results for Drell-Yan production with resummed cut-induced corrections at N3LL.


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