T-2, Nuclear and Particle Physics, Astrophysics and Cosmology

CP violating moments of nucleons and light nuclei

Jordy de Vries
NIKHEF Amsterdam

A nonzero permanent electric dipole moments (EDMs) would indicate CP violation. If measured they are unambigious signs of new physics, since CP-violation in the quark mixing matrix predict EDMs orders of magnitude away from current experimental limits. The SM also contains the QCD vacuum angle (the theta term) whose value is unknown but strongly limited by neutron EDM experiments. This smallness leaves room for T-violation from physics beyond-the-SM which is expected to exist in order to explain the universal matter/antimatter asymmetry. An open question remains: If an EDM is measured, is it caused by the theta-term or from physics beyond the SM? Triggered by experimental plans to measure the EDMs of nucleons light nuclei with unprecedented accuracy, this talk will be focused on these systems. After giving an overview of the field of EDMs and the relevant concepts, I will present a framework, based on effective field theories (in particular chiral effective theory), in which we calculate light-nuclear EDMs in a consistent framework. I will discuss how the interplay of lattice-QCD and chiral EFT can greatly improve current hadronic and nuclear uncertainties. Finally, I will argue that measurements of several EDMs would point towards the fundamental mechanism of CP violation.


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