T-2, Nuclear and Particle Physics, Astrophysics and Cosmology

Describing nuclear processes through EFT within ab-initio and EDF frameworks

Chieh-Jen Yang
Chalmers University of Technology

In this talk I describe two recent developments based on effective field theory (EFT) principles to obtain nuclear properties. First, in contrast to the conventional Weinberg counting, a renormalization group (RG) invariant nuclear force is derived from chiral Lagrangian and applied to ab-initio calculations for nuclei up to Oxygen, through no-core-shell-model and coupled-cluster methods. The results suggest that a fully consistent chiral EFT force could require a particle-number-depending power counting. Second, in order to describe bulk properties and heavier systems, energy density functional (EDF) framework is adopted. So far our ideas to develop an EDF based on EFT principles result in several beyond mean field models. We show that some of them are able to reproduce ab-initio data and nuclear matter properties at the same time.


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