T-2, Nuclear and Particle Physics, Astrophysics and Cosmology

Evidence for short-range two and three nucleon correlations from x>1 nuclear scaling ofratios of the A(e,e') cross sections

Mark Strikman
Pennsylvania State University

Recent experiments at Jlab have confirmed prediction of theonset of the scaling of the ratios of the A(e,e') cross sections off light and medium nuclei at x>1.4 and x>2 for Q^2>1.5 GeV^2. We review the theoretical ideas which led to the prediction of such a scaling based on the dominance of the electron scattering off two and three nucleon correlations for which local densities are comparable to those in the neutron stars. Analysis indicates that in heavy nuclei at least 25% of the nucleons have momenta larger than the Fermi momentum. Directions for the future studies are also outlined.


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