T-2, Nuclear and Particle Physics, Astrophysics and Cosmology

TALYS, nuclear models and data libraries

Arjan Koning
NRG Petten, Netherlands

Nuclear reaction models, and their computational implementation, have become indispensible for the simulation of macroscopic nuclear processes. To perform adequate inter- and extrapolation on the energy and angular grids per reaction channel, technological software, e.g. a transport/Monte Carlo code, relies on a complete representation of a nuclear reaction in a data file, and not only on the data that happen to be available through measurements. For modern nuclear data evaluation, broad scale nuclear model calculations are thus a necessity. The nuclear model code TALYS will be presented as a tool to produce reliable prediction for all these quantities. In the prediction of nuclear reactions, uncertainties play an important role,and the current abilities to generate covariance data out of nuclear model calculations will be demonstrated. The crucial interplay with experimental data will be emphasized and examples for various reaction channels will be given. Finally, the performance of a few new nuclear data files, created with TALYS, for the JEFF-3.1 library will be demonstrated.


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