T-2, Nuclear and Particle Physics, Astrophysics and Cosmology

Unification of structure and reactions for bound/unbound nuclear systems

Jimmy Rotureau

The study of nuclei close to particle drip lines is one of the main science drivers of nuclear physics. It is also critical to the understanding of the origin of elements in the universe since many heavy elements are generated in astrophysical processes that occur relatively close to the drip lines. In these remote regions of the nuclear chart, the coupling to the continuum and decay channels impacts greatly the structure of nuclei. It is then essential, in order to provide a reliable description of these exotic systems, to develop theoretical approaches where the fields of nuclear structure and reactions are unified. On the other hand, the consistent integration of structure information in reaction theory is of fundamental importance for the theoretical description of nuclear reactions which are not only one of the most powerful experimental probes to study the properties of nuclei but are also the foundation for nuclear reactors operation, nuclear waste management, and stockpile stewardship. During my talk, I will present some recent development and applications of theoretical approaches where structure and reaction are merged. In a first part, I will focus on the microscopic description of weakly-bound/unbound nuclear systems near (and beyond) the neutron-dripline. In the second part of my talk, I will present some results for the computation of nucleon-nucleus optical potentials, starting from the nucleons as the elementary degrees of freedom and using chiral effective field theory interactions, as well as some applications for one-nucleon transfer reactions on medium-mass nuclei.


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