T-2 Nuclear Physics

T-2 Heavy Nuclei: Deformation/Fission

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These images were provided by Peter Moller of T-2

Prompt Fission Neutrons (P. Talou, T. Kawano)
Monte Carlo Simulations of Fission Fragments Decay

  • New code to infer exculsive data, e.g.,
    • Neutron multiplicity distribution P(v)
    • Exclusive spectra N(E)v
    • Neutron-neutron correlations (energy, angle)
    • New data for prompt gamma rays


Advanced Fission Cross Section Modeling (P. Talou)

R-matrix approach to the nuclear fission process
New and modern code based on original AVXSF code (J.E. Lynn)

First application to suite of Pu isotopes

very promising step towards predictive fission cross-section calculations




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