LANL FIESTA Fission School & Workshop, Sep. 8-12, 2014


FIssion ExperimentS and Theoretical Advances

Santa Fe, NM, Sep. 8-12, 2014

This event is over, but you can still browse all school lectures and workshop talks from the left menu.


2013 marked the 75th anniversary of the discovery of nuclear fission by Otto Hahn and Fritz Strassmann, whose correct theoretical interpretation came only a few weeks later by Lise Meitner and her nephew Otto Robert Frisch. This discovery opened up the atomic era, which altered the course of human history.

Seventy-five years later, research in nuclear fission is still central to our understanding of nuclear forces, and a perfect example of a quantum many-body problem. While the qualitative understanding of fission was achieved very quickly after its discovery, an accurate and quantitative modeling of this process remains elusive, while numerous applications, e.g. the nuclear fuel cycle, non-proliferation, stockpile stewardship, etc, rely on accurate and detailed fission data.

FIESTA 2014 School

The FIESTA school aims at delivering a set of lectures addressing our current knowledge of the nuclear fission process. The school will be targeted at graduate students, postdocs and early-career scientists, but will be open to anyone interested in the topic of nuclear fission. It will provide a basic introduction to the following topics: fission cross-sections; fission fragment yields; prompt fission neutrons and photons; and the evaluation of nuclear data and their use in Monte Carlo transport simulations. Nuclear fission theories, model simulations, and experiments will be discussed.

The duration of the school will be two days. The first 1.5 days will include 1h and 2h lectures on the aforementioned topics, and they will be followed by a half-day tour of the Los Alamos Neutron Science Center, with visits to several installations dedicated to fission research.

FIESTA 2014 Workshop

The 2-day school will be followed by a 3-day workshop dedicated to cutting-edge research in nuclear fission, spanning similar topics as in the school. Fundamental as well as applied research topics will be addressed: fission cross-sections, fission fragment yields, prompt fission neutrons and photons, surrogate fission reactions, beta-delayed fission, neutron counting, advanced experimental setups, etc. The workshop will be limited to approximately 40 talks to allow time for discussion and encourage healthy and constructive debates.


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