T-2 Nuclear Information Service

Codes Area

This area gives information on various computer codes used in our nuclear data work.


NJOY99 is the standard Fortran-77 release of the NJOY Nuclear Data Processing System. The system is used to convert evaluated nuclear data in the Evaluated Nuclear Data Format (ENDF) into forms useful for a wide range of nuclear applications. This area is only to provide user support, such as updates and sample problem outputs. To obtain an official copy of NJOY99, contact one of the code centers (RSICC, NEA-Data Bank, etc.).

NJOY 2012

NJOY 2012 is a new version of the NJOY Nuclear Data Processing System using Fortran-90/95 style. It includes all the capabilities of NJOY 99 plus an ability to process evaluations using the newer Reich-Moore Limited (RML) resonance format now allowed in ENDF files. The NJOY 2012 User Manual LA-UR-12-27079_Rev is available here and in the Publications area. For an alternative description of NJOY 2012, see the Nuclear Data Sheets article.


TRANSX is a code for preparing data tables for nuclear transport codes from cross-section libraries in MATXS format. An online HTML instruction manual is available.


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