T-2, Nuclear and Particle Physics, Astrophysics and Cosmology

Microscopic approaches to light nuclei

Sonia Bacca

The investigation of light nuclei with ab initio methods provides an optimal setting to probe our knowledge of nuclear forces. This is even more the case if one considers exotic structures like neutron halos. Today, effective field theory (EFT) provides us with a framework to consistently derive two- and many-body nuclear forces. A joint effort of theory and experiment needs to be taken towards the identification of bound and continuum observables sensitive to the less constrained many-nucleon forces. From the theoretical side, recent efforts have been directed on achieving a unified view of bound and scattering nuclear propoerties treated on equal footing. This is a framework step towards a predictive theory and for a systematic investigation of the role of three-nucleon forces. Here I pesent our recent achievements on the study of structure properties of halo systems and on continuum electromagnetic responses of light nuclei.


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