T-2, Nuclear and Particle Physics, Astrophysics and Cosmology

Indirect methods in nuclear physics- or - the revival of the nuclear reaction theorist

Christian Forssen
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

A major challenge for nuclear physics and nuclear astrophysics is to determine capture cross sections on short-lived isotopes. Unfortunately, many of these reaction cross sections cannot be accurately measured with currently available experimental techniques. It is therefore important to explore alternative approaches. I will discuss two different indirect methods: Coulomb Dissociation and Surrogate Nuclear Reactions. My goal will be to demonstrate how the accuracy of these methods rests with the theoretical understanding of the reaction mechanism. Specific examples that will be mentioned in this talk include non-resonant, radiative neutron capture on 10Be and 14C, studied via Coulomb dissociation, and low-energy neutron capture on mass ~90-100 isotopes, studied via Surrogate reactions.

This work was performed under the auspices of the U.S. Department ofEnergy by the University of California, Lawrence Livermore NationalLaboratory under contract No. W-7405-Eng-48.


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