T-2, Nuclear and Particle Physics, Astrophysics and Cosmology

The Analytic Structure of Non-Global Logarithms

Duff Neill

Non-global logarithms (NGLs) are a manifestation of how the soft emissions of perturbative QCD will generically entangle all angular regions of phase space. They have presented a challenge to understand and resum, and make many naive factorization predictions uncontrolled approximations. Using insights about soft jets coming from the field of jet substructure, I will discuss how the analytic structure of non-global logarithms is markedly different from the standard sudakov resummations typically found in pQCD. I will contrast two expansions for the NGL series, one in terms of partonic free states, and another in terms of "dressed" jet states, and explain how properties of the jet states explain the limits to the validity of fixed order perturbation theory, even restricting to a leading logarithmic level. Time permitting, I will also delve into the deep connections NGLs have to small-x physics, in particular, how saturation manifests in purely final state QCD cross-sections.


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