Gas Production Cross Sections

In many practical applications, it is important to know the total production of protons (hydrogen), alphas (helium), and other light charged particles resulting from the neutron flux. Therefore, it is convenient to have a set of special "gas production" or "charged-particle production" cross sections that can be used in application codes. The ENDF format provides a set of MT numbers for these quantities, but only a few evaluators have added them to their files:
  • MT=203 -- total proton production
  • MT=204 -- total deuteron production
  • MT=205 -- total triton production
  • MT=206 -- total He-3 production
  • MT=207 -- total alpha production
The GASPR module goes through all of the reactions given in an ENDF-format evaluation, determines which charged particles would be produced by the reaction, and adds up the particle yield times the reaction cross section to produce the desired gas production cross sections. It uses data from an input ENDF tape and an input PENDF tape, and it writes the results on an output PENDF tape. They are then available for plotting, multigroup averaging, or reformatting for the MCNP Monte Carlo code.


23 January 2013 T-2 Nuclear Information Service