ENDF/B-VI Thermal Scattering Data

The physics in the ENDF evaluations for thermal neutron scattering was originally developed for ENDF/B-III. It has been carried over to all subsequent versions of ENDF, except the format was modified for ENDF/B-VI, and the old evaluations were converted to the new format.

Some of the materials have now been recalculated for Release 3 of ENDF/B-VI using the original physics models with a new processing method recently added to the NJOY nuclear data processing system. For more information, see New Thermal Scattering Files (PDF).

This page supplies easy access to both raw and interpreted versions of the old and new ENDF/B thermal evaluations. A convenient HTML version of the ENDF-6 format manual is also provided. Just click on the "doc" links or other underlined parameters in the interpreted listings.

The following materials and data types are available:

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31 December 2001