Look Up Calculated Q Values for Beta Decay

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Please note that the Q values listed here are calculated Q values. For the purpose of determining if a nucleus is stable with respect to beta decay, it is more accurate to use experimental masses, if such masses are available. For beta plus and electron-capture (EC) decay we list only the Q value for EC decay.

Downloading of the beta-decay Q-values data file

The entire data file of calculated Q values for β- decay Qβ- and Q values for β+ decay Qβ+ may be downloaded by clicking here. The format of the file is, in FORTRAN notation (2I5,2F10.2), and each record contains:

Z, N, Qβ- (MeV), Qβ+ (MeV)

If the Q value cannot be calculated because the ground-state masses required for the determination were not calculated then the value -20000.00 is listed.

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