Look Up Nuclear Masses and Deformations Based on FRDM(1992)

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Nuclear Ground-State Masses and Deformations, by P. Möller, J. R. Nix, W. D. Myers, and W. J. Swiatecki, Atomic Data Nucl. Data Tables 59, 185-381 (1995),
Nuclear Properties for Astrophysical Applications, by P. Möller, J. R. Nix, and K.-L. Kratz, Atomic Data Nucl. Data Tables 66 (1997) 131-345.

The mass evaluation we used in adjusting the FRDM1992 is the interim AME1989 evaluation.

A more recent experimental mass evaluation is
AME2012 by Wang et al (M. Wang, G. Audi, A. H. Wapstra, F. G. Kondev, M. MacCormick, X. Xu, and B. Pfeiffer, Chin. Phys. C 36 (2012) 1603) which are the experimenal masses we provide here. Another repository of this evaluation and related data can be found here .

An exhaustive list of nuclear-mass data bases and other mass-related resources is found here .

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