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α-Decay Properties
Based on FRDM(1992)

Please note:

For heavy nuclei (approximately Z>114) some nuclei are calculated to be quite deformed in their ground states. For some of these nuclei very long alpha half-lives are obtained. However, these deformed, heavy nuclei are expected to have fission barriers only a few MeV high. Therefore the fission half-lives are expected to be very short. The long alpha half-lives are therefore not indicative that these nuclei may exist or be observable. In this heavy region only some spherical or near spherical nuclei can be expected to have half-lives that are sufficiently long to allow observation in experiments.

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Downloading the α-decay data file

The entire data file of calculated α-decay Qα values and half-lives Tα may be downloaded by clicking here. The format of the file is, in FORTRAN notation,


and each record contains:

Z, N, A, Qα, log10(T/s), Tα (s)

If the calculated Tα is larger than 1020, it is not calculated, and in that case, we list in the last two columns the values

0.3000000000E+02 0.1000000015E+31

Created April 1996, last modified 29 September 2016