Nuclear Data Processing System

Issues Tracking System.

Look in the Issues Tracker to see problems that have been resolved, or others that have been submitted or are pending. This feature is part of the NJOY99 Quality Assurance (QA) process.

Basic Instructions: Readme0

Current Description: Readme396

Latest Updates: up396

User Input Instructions: Userinp

Machine Dependencies:

Platform Makefile Updates
Sun makef.sun upsun
Sun8 makef.sun8 upsun8
Cray(unicos) makef.cray upcray
DECalpha(unix) makef.decau updecau
Linux(g77) makef.linux uplinux
g95 (Windows
stable version)
makef.wing95 upwing95
VMS makef.vms upvms
Origen2000 makef.o2k upo2k
RS6000 makef.rs6k uprs6k
DOS Lahey(lf95)
DOS Absoft makef.abs upabs

Test Problem Input and Output Files:

Test Problem Notes:

  1. "in04" and "in05" are revised input decks, for njoy99.258 and later.
  2. Problems 15, 16 and 17 are similar to test jobs formerly identified as "ej1",
    "ej2" and "ej3", respectively.  They have been renamed and revised
    beginning with njoy99.296.  Problems 15, 16 and 17 use one or more of the
    JENDL-3.3 235U, 238U or 239Pu neutron files for input.  Problem 15 executes
    a reconr/broadr/groupr/errorj sequence that processes mf31, mf33 and mf34
    data.  Problem 16 eliminates the groupr step but errorj still processes mf33
    data.  Problem 17 requires all three of the JENDL-3.3 input files.  A test for
    mf35 processing has been moved to the new problem (#18) described next.
  3. Problem 18 is a new errorj test job beginning with njoy99.296.  It tests fission
    spectrum covariance processing (mf35,mt18) using a fictitious 252Cf input
    file whose cross section data come from the endf/b-vii.0 mat9861 neutron
    file and whose mf35, mt18 data are taken from the endf/b-vii.0 252Cf
    decay file.  We have given this material a dummy matn number, 9999,
    to minimize the chance of it being treated as a real nuclear data file.
  4. Users should check the DOS Input batch files given below to see what
    filenames are required for the 235,238U, 239Pu and 252Cf input tapes
    when executing problems 15 through 18.
  5. Users who need the old versions of in04, in05 or the original ej# input decks
    should contact the authors at the email addresses given below.

Problem Input Outputs DOS Input
1 in01 out01, pend01 run01.bat, in01.dat
2 in02 out02, pend02 run02.bat, in02.dat
3 in03 out03, plot03.ps run03.bat, in03.dat
4 in04 out04 run04.bat, in04.dat
5 in05 out05, plot05.ps run05.bat, in05.dat
6 in06 out06, plot06.ps run06.bat, in06.dat
7 in07 out07, pend07, ace07 run07.bat, in07.dat
8 in08 out08, pend08 run08.bat, in08.dat
9 in09 out09, pend09 run09.bat, in09.dat
10 in10 out10, pend10, ace10 run10.bat, in10.dat
11 in11 out11, wims11 run11.bat, in11.dat
12 in12 out12, pend12, plot12.ps run12.bat, in12.dat
13 in13 out13, pend13, ace13, plot13.ps run13.bat, in13.dat
14 in14 out14, ace14, plot14.ps run14.bat, in14.dat
out15, errorj15.mf31, plot15.mf31.ps,
    errorj15.mf33, plot15.mf33.ps,
   errorj15.mf34, plot15.mf34.ps
run15.bat, in15.dat
out16, errorj16.mf33, plot16.mf33.ps run16.bat, in16.dat
out17, errorj17 run17.bat, in17.dat
out18, errorj18, plot18.ps run18.bat, in18.dat

16 August 2013