T-2 Astrophysics

Meso-scale Plasma Dynamics and Energetic Particles: Applications to Laboratory, Space, and Astrophysical Plasmas


The dynamics of collisionless plasmas features abundant physical processes over a wide range of space and time scales. At the mesoscale, macroscopic phenomena are coupled to and supported by kinetic physics at small scales. This close interaction facilitates rapid energy exchange between particles and electromagnetic fields, leading to strong plasma heating and particle acceleration. In recent years, significant progress has been made in observations, theories and numerical simulations in different plasma environments such as laboratory plasmas, Earth’s magnetosphere, the heliosphere, and astrophysical objects. Our objective is to organize a forum for plasma physicists from a range of background at LANL and from outside to discuss latest progress on plasma dynamics and the generation of energetic particles in the mesoscale regime and foster future collaborations.

Date June 30 - July 1, 2014

Meeting contacts: Fan Guo (guofan@lanl.gov), Xiangrong Fu (xrfu@lanl.gov), and Hui Li (hli@lanl.gov)

First Circular PDF

Agenda coming soon.

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