T-2, Nuclear and Particle Physics, Astrophysics and Cosmology

A fast and accurate method for perturbative resummation of transverse momentum-dependent observables

Varun Vaidya

We propose a novel strategy for the perturbative resummation of transverse momentum-dependent (TMD) observables, using the qT spectra of gauge bosons (γ∗, Higgs) in pp collisions in the regime of low (but perturbative) transverse momentum qT as a specific example. First we introduce a scheme to choose the factorization scale for virtuality in momentum space instead of in impact parameter space, allowing us to avoid integrating over (or cutting off) a Landau pole in the inverse Fourier transform of the latter to the former. The factorization scale for rapidity is still chosen as a function of impact parameter b, but in such a way designed to obtain a Gaussian form (in ln⁡ b) for the exponentiated rapidity evolution kernel, guaranteeing convergence of the b integral. We then apply this scheme to obtain the qT spectra for Drell-Yan and Higgs production at NNLL accuracy. In addition, using this scheme we are able to obtain a fast semi-analytic formula for the perturbative resummed cross sections in momentum space: analytic in its dependence on all physical variables at each order of logarithmic accuracy, up to a numerical expansion for the pure mathematical Bessel function in the inverse Fourier transform that needs to be performed just once for all observables and kinematics, to any desired accuracy.


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